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Mail: info@exoramedical.com

Bariatric Ambulance

Our bariatric service has been designed accounting the patients needs and years of experience in this field.

We have a fleet of vehicles which are specifically kitted with bariatric equipment in order to ensure comfort and safety of bariatric patients. The crew are appropriately trained to use the latest moving & handling equipment in order to manage transfers of this nature.

We offer a wide range of bariatric transport from HDU bariatric to Wheelchair bariatric transfers.We also specialise in transporting bariatric patients from home to hospital negotiating  any stairs. For large patients we do assessments to make sure we can give more accurate quote and also send right type and number of crew required for safe transfer of the patient.

We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION Quotation for any Bariatric transfers.

Our specialist bariatric crew are very experienced and will do the transfer with most safe and comfortable way. We also use various specialist equipment in order to carry out safe patient transfer  e.g. Stair climbers, hoists, Carry chairs, Specialist Stretchers etc..