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Difference in Delivery is the third of our three values at Exora and this ensures we are innovating in all that we do.

Exora has a history which in some ways is very short however in other ways is very long. As a brand it has only existed for 7 months however as a concept it has existed for far longer.

The word Exora means the ability to persuade and this is where Exora is able to set itself apart from others. At this time in the UK, Healthcare is undergoing significant internal transformation and it is only through innovation and partnership working that our national health services will be able to continue to achieve good patient outcomes.

Exora is positioning itself at the heart of these conversations through challenging the norm, persuading decision-makers to think differently, and demonstrating success in it’s daily activities.

We also take seriously our social conscience and consider ourselves to be a social business which acknowledges the importance of community and takes seriously the role we can play in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Earlier this year 4 Exora vehicles were taken to Syria to assist with the aid effort. This is just one way we can be helping those less fortunate than ourselves.