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Specialist PTS fleet growth

24th January 2014

A high quality vehicle is delivered to Exora Medical today. This vehicle is specially converted to create a superior quality  in line with Exora standards. Inspired by NHS specifications, with additional adjustments including air suspension, to maximise patient comfort, especially for patients who have special bariatric needs. The vehicle was delivered this morning and is being kitted out with state of the art equipment over coming days before it joins the rest of the PTS & Bariatric fleet out on the roads helping ensure patients are at the right place at the right time. “This is a welcome addition to our fleet which will help ensure the highest levels of excellence and comfort for our patients, especially on the longer journeys nationally and internationally” said Registered Manager, Krishna Kadiyala, who received the vehicle into the yard this morning.

Bespoke BAUS conversion to Exora design spec

10th January 2014

This is a momentous occasion for Exora Medical, a young but ambitious new entrant to the ambulance world. A box body, fully purpose built by BAUS in Poland, has been configured according to our specialist designs – and this has been mounted onto a Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. With capabilities for all eventualities, this vehicle has the potential to serve all levels of patient needs. “The company began working on the designs for this vehicle almost a year ago with BAUS. What an achievement to see it in all its glory now”.

Exora Supports Aid Efforts In Syria

18th  December 2013

    Exora supports aid efforts in Syria

Last month Exora Medical contributed four emergency vehicles and various medical equipment to support relief efforts in Syria. Working with the charity, Aid Convoy, Exora provided the vehicles from its existing fleet, along with a selection of equipment from it’s stock including trauma packs and burn kits.

“Providing support for those who need it, at the time they need it most, underpins the work of the entire ambulance industry. At Exora this is not just about the crew-patient interaction but it underpins our company values,”

There is much more needed to ensure the safety of populations around the world. Exora is a small, new entrant to the ambulance industry but even in these early days it is making bold moves to demonstrate its unique approach.

For more information about Exora, what we offer and how to join the team, please visit www.exoramedical.com or follow us on Twitter.

    Exora Medical  - is a young but energetic independent ambulance provider

The word Exora means the ability to persuade – and indeed this is at the core of what we do. Our work centres on our ability to persuade the healthcare community to do things differently in order to meet the changing needs of our society today.

Exora has at its heart three core values which underpin all decisions, actions, behaviours.

Responsibility in Action

Excellence in Service

Difference in Delivery

Standards of excellence and responsibility to patients are the pillars upon which we build to ensure we are able to meet the healthcare challenges in the UK today.

As a social business, Exora is an organisation that considers the social value that it can generate through supporting crew with charitable endeavours, giving equipment and vehicles to aid efforts, and working with partners to really drive the best patient outcomes.