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0845 47 505 44

07535 511 604


Mail: info@exoramedical.com

Repatriation World Wide  

Exora Repatriation is one of the most reliable and complete services on the market - we know that when it comes to taking care of your loved ones, nothing but the best will do.

We have an expert team of medical professionals, state-of- the-art equipment, and a logistics system that ensures that our clients’ needs are met every step of the way. Our goal is to continually improve our processes, giving you the best possible experience.

Our operations and logistics are second to none, and no matter the situation, we can help you find a solution that meets the needs of you or your loved ones as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We provide repatriation services for individuals, corporations and insurance companies for patients. Our well-equipped fleet puts makes us a comfortable and reliable option for high dependency and specialist repatriation as well.

Call us for a free no obligation quote on +44 (0)7535 511 604

Why Exora ?

- Medical Repatriation by Road and Air

- Private repatriation for people with or without Insurance

- Medically trained (IHCD/HCPC Qualified)  crew for all repatriation journeys

- All Road Transport needs taken care of

- State of the art Repatriation ambulances for safe and comfortable journey

- Experienced logistics systems ensure our clients’ needs are met every step of the way

- Multilingual and repatriation experienced team

- Fully insured for Airside Liability, medical malpractice, public liability and all our vehicles are fully insured for emergency driving

Repatriation Nurse/ Assistant

We can also provide a Nurse/ Medical Assistant for the patient during the journey, from bedside to bedside.  They have the ability to transport patients with mobility problems, feeding tubes, continuous oxygen, and more.  They assist with mobility and toileting needs, monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, and oxygen levels, administer regular medications, and take care of all travel logistics.  While every situation is different, contact us to see if a Repatriation Nurse is right for your patient or loved one.

We are able to plan the whole journey with you, or follow your instructions diligently. We will discuss with you the start times, type of crew, type of vehicle and any other needs you may have.  We will require a full medical report and history before the commencement of the journey to ensure that safety is not compromised.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

― Ernest Hemingway